1.         Whilst staying at 1444 Fish Eagle Bay, you are bound by and subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Fish Eagle Bay Home Owners Association. These rules will be made available by our caretaker on  request. If you are considerate towards fellow residents in the estate you will have a most enjoyable stay at Fish Eagle Bay. This particularly relates to the consideration of other owners/guests/tenants to not cause a nuisance through noise or pollution of any kind.


2.         The premises will be ready for occupation from 14h00 on the day of your arrival. The premises must be vacated at 14h00 on the day of your departure. Our caretaker will make arrangements with you regarding the keys, and on your departure keys will be handed to our caretaker or otherwise left with the security office at the main entrance of Fish Eagle Bay as arranged with you by our caretaker.


3.         This is a non smoking establishment and no smoking is allowed in any of the living areas or bedrooms. Smoking is, however, allowed on all outdoor patios.


4.         We regret we do not accept pets in our home in compliance with the rules of the Fish Eagle Bay Homeowners Association.


5.         No more persons in excess of the number allowed (maximum 12 people) may occupy the premises. Breach of this rule will terminate your stay without any compensation to you.


6.         Our home will be clean and tidy on your arrival. It will be serviced daily by our caretaker and her staff. The caretaker will advice you of the times of service which will include washing of dishes, mopping of floors if necessary, cleaning of bathrooms and cleaning of the braai facilities. All linen will be provided, bring along your own bath and swimming towels. 


7.         In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the reservation due to circumstances beyond our control, we will provide a full refund of monies paid. No further financial claims will be entertained.


8.         The owner and its management accept no responsibility for any death, injury, accident or illness sustained or suffered by any person, or theft or loss of, or damage to any property or to cars on the property. I agree that this waiver of liability and indemnity agreement covers the entire duration of my rental of the accommodation provided to me and I agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the owner, its agents and employees, from any/or all claims made against them arising out of my rental and occupation of the premises.


9.         Please do inform us as soon as possible if you have any complaint with your accommodation or if you find that any thing is faulty that needs our attention, so that we can assist and repair or make alternative arrangements. Due to the limited period of your stay, if may not be possible to repair such items during the period of your stay. However, no deduction in rent will be allowed for delays beyond our control.


10.       For stays in excess of a week, we will provide clean linen. Our caretaker will make arrangements with you.


11.       Guests must accept responsibility for the safety of their children at all times, especially around the pool, whilst staying at 1444 Fish Eagle Bay.


12.       It is advisable to close all doors and windows when you leave the home as the occasional thunderstorm and/or windstorm may occur. You are also requested to close the block-out blinds in unoccupied rooms, especially during the afternoons, as the direct sun is harmful to our furniture if exposed to the sun all afternoon. We specifically request that the block-out blinds in the living area where the television is situated never be opened as the direct sun is very harmful to the leather furniture, if exposed to the sun. You are most welcome to open the block-out blinds on the side of the pool table for the day. When the wooden stack doors are opened, outdoor living will be experienced, at its best!


13.       Please do not at any time sit on the furniture with wet bathing suits as it may damage our furniture.


14.       Use coasters provided when placing drinks on tables or furniture. Do not put any drinks on the side of the pool table when playing pool. Spillage thereof may cause serious damage to the pool table.


15.       Any breakage of any kind or damage to furniture will result in a deduction from your refundable deposit. Our caretaker will assist us in this regard and your deposit will be refunded to you (less any breakage or damage) within 5 days from your departure.


16.       You are requested to place all black bags with refuse (black bags provided in cupboard next to the washing machine in scullery) in the courtyard adjacent to the kitchen next to the black dustbin. Our caretaker will arrange for the collection thereof for disposal.


17.       The storage area under the stairs will be locked as it contains the owner’s personal items. Please respect this arrangement and do not attempt to open it as it will amount to theft or attempted theft.


18.       The television is already supplied with a DSTV smart cart. To switch the television on, press the POWER button on the LG remote. The television is set on AV. Although it is preset, select INPUT on the large LG remote and press continually until AV is selected, should it not be set as such. If you want to use the DVD player, select OUTPUT 2 on the multiple switch.


19.       The fireplace is gas operated and is only operational during winter months.


20.       The water of the estate is fit for human consumption. We however, use bottled water purchased from Oasis in Bela-Bela.


21.       It is advisable to switch off all lights in unoccupied rooms at night, especially during summer. If the lights are left on, it attracts mosquitoes and other unwanted insects.


22.       If your booking was secured through the services of Safarinow.com, 50% of the quoted amount would have been paid to them. The balance still due as quoted plus your R3 800,00 refundable deposit must be paid into the bank account which will be provided to you via e-mail.