Bela-Bela dam is a sought after boating destination. The beautiful surroundings, crystal clear water and well-kept caravan park with clean amenities are all contributing factors.

Access control to the dam is regulated through the local boat club and for the safety of all boat users strict adherence to their rules and regulations are required. If your boat is compliant with all the current applicable law and regulations, and you are in possession of a valid skippers licence, you may use the dam for boating purposes. Should you launch your boat at Fish Eagle Bay, you will do so as a guest of Fish Eagle Bay. It is however paramount that arrangements be made through the caretaker, with the Boat Club Manager every day prior to launching of your boat into the water, for their record purposes. Launching without prior arrangements may result in a fine being imposed in terms of their rules. The caretaker will gladly assist with any arrangements to be made in this regard.

Should you launch your boat at the boat club, such launching will be subject to the club’s daily fees charged by them



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